Remember that poor Palestinian boy supposedly shot by Israeli soldiers last year? Maybe he wasn’t. The Notebook from this week’s New Republic is very interesting on the subject. Quotable:

… now a March 17 documentary aired by Germany’s ARD television suggests something extraordinary: that Muhammad was killed not by Israeli soldiers, but by Palestinian gunmen, perhaps deliberately to create precisely such a photogenic martyr. The French footage, it turns out, was heavily edited–from six minutes to 50 seconds–and the French won’t let anyone see the tape they didn’t air. What’s more, the Palestinian Authority didn’t allow an autopsy on the boy and never released the bullet that killed him for outside scrutiny. ARD has done its own forensic investigation, however, and concluded that the shot that entered Muhammad’s crouching body could not have come from the location where Israeli soldiers were positioned. ARD’s report has been covered extensively in the German press (Die Welt headlined its article, “RICOCHETING TRUTH “). As of this writing, however, no major American newspaper or TV network–including the many that ran the original footage of Muhammad’s death–has mentioned it.

Let’s see who’s willing to air more on this. Fox News? CNN?

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