“As a soldier who knows the horrors of war, I seek a peace with every Arab country. We are ready to share our know-how with Palestinians, to help you and be helped by you. I see a Marshall Plan for Palestine — call it the Bush-Sharon plan — to solve your problem of unemployment. Together we can make tremendous achievements.

“These are the things I would have told the Arab leaders to their faces if they had let me come to Beirut. I am 74 now, with one thing left in my life to accomplish: security and peace for ourselves and our neighbors.”

This prime minister, after a period of painful forbearance under intolerable provocation, is now decisively fulfilling the mandate Israelis overwhelmingly gave him: to turn back the tide of terror. President Bush is resisting powerful pressure from many in the worldwide opinion mafia and the oil industry to “engage” and undermine him. Though demonized by extremist Arab dictators and despised by fanatics left and right, Arik Sharon is the average Palestinian’s last best hope in this generation for a good life in an independent state.

From William Safire’s piece in today’s New York Times. Bush seems to be holding out against all the “good” advice he is getting from our hapless allies. When Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad have been exterminated, then the U.S. can “intervene” with a peace plan.

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