A further thought on Sullivan’s dismay: There’s a Catholic girls school in my home town that a few years back had a scandal involving a male teacher who was bedding some of his students on a couch in his office. It had been going on for a long time and only reluctantly was dealt with by the liberal nuns in charge of the school.

Question: does any normal heterosexual feel threatened or intimidated by pointing out the fact that a certain sleazy type of man is attracted to working conditions such as can be found in a Catholic or other private girls’ school where he can take advantage of teenagers? Of course not.

Likewise, the general population of gays should not feel that a witch hunt is in the offing because of the similar fact being exposed by the current scandal: that a certain sick kind of homosexual is attracted to seminaries and parishes where he can find young boys. I myself saw representative types at my own Catholic high school. It was no secret among my fellow students back in the 1970s that certain Jesuits on the faculty were simply to be avoided.

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