Andrew Sullivan uncharacteristically overreacts to Mary Ebertstadt’s piece in the Weekly Standard last week. Sullivan calls her piece, the Elephant in the Sacristy a “hysterical screed.” But why is it hysterical to quote Catholic liberals who clearly think that homosexuality is one of the key problems in the current Church crisis?

Eberstadt quotes Andrew Greeley, sociologist and novelist and no fan of the current pope or the bishops. Greeley: “Blatantly active homosexual priests are appointed, transferred and promoted. Lavender rectories and seminaries are tolerated. National networks of active homosexual priests (many of them administrators) are tolerated.” The U.S., he went on, is “developing a substantially homosexual clergy, many of whom are blatantly part of the gay subculture.”

On ABC’s The Week yesterday, George Will also tried to point this out and a very visibly bothered Cokie Roberts along with Sam Donaldson just wouldn’t hear of it. They also wouldn’t let Will finish his sentences.

Why this touchiness? It seems that otherwise common sensical people think that any admission that homosexuality in itself has anything to do with the crisis in the Church will lead immediately to a McCarthy-style witch hunt against all homosexuals in the Church.

This is ludicrous. Anywone who’s been following the Bishops in their feckless deliberations knows that they don’t want to deal with the issue either. How anyone can imagine a “purge” or “backlash” against homosexuals under these conditions is mystifying.

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