Quote of the week: “Both authors had failed to get interest from agents or publishers when the books were in manuscript form. But there was no problem once the books had online attention and promising sales figures.

“When the effort to get an agent and a major New York publisher has failed, it can make sense to self-publish, said Edghill’s agent, Anna Ghosh, of the Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency.”

This is from M.J. Rose’s recent weekly column for Wired. It’s a hopeful sign for new writers that conservative publishers are now looking out for self-published novelists who have garnered good reviews and managed to build some sales on their own. Of course, it’s also a depressing sign of how little risk today’s publishers are willing to take on new writers.

Which leads me to Doctor Janeway’s Plague. Nothing has helped me with awareness among readers of the book as much as free review e-books for Amazon and other readers. Generating sales is a taller task, however. The main reason being the high price of the initial iUniverse trade version. But newer outfits like Booklocker and BookSurge are making smaller and less expensive trade versions a possibility.

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