The slow death of the Red Sox. This season’s hopes for any sort of playoff berth are dwindling as one statistic looms larger and larger in the latening season. The Red Sox are terrible in games that are decided in the late innings. They have a poor record in games that are decided by one run; an even worse record when it comes to comeback victories. Last night’s game—in which Manny Ramirez was robbed of a game-winning home run in the 9th—is a perfect example.

Maybe things can turn around. But even last year, before the melt down, the Sox had, all season long, shown that must-have knack for never giving up; battling back for dramatic late-inning wins. That knack is the one thing they haven’t got going for them this year. And it’s a crucial knack for any team that expects to be a champion.

Having said that, I nevertheless look forward to eating crow come September….

One more thing: Nomar Garciaparra has become as predictable as dirt at the plate. The lousiest pitcher in the league can get a sure out against Nomar because HE ALWAYS SWINGS AT THE FIRST PITCH. I cannot imagine a more stupid approach to batting, a better way to give the opposing pitcher a freebie. No matter how good his stats look, this predictability is a killer.

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