The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy, as always, sums up the disappointment of a season for the Red Sox that should have been better than it was. It’s now becoming clear that it might have been better with a more motivating manager:

As for Grady Little, what is there to say? Lucchino is not a patient man and if the Sox go south this month, Grady might find himself harvesting the lower 40 on his old John Deere, collecting two more years of salary from the Red Sox. Fan patience with Grady Gump is waning. The reservoir of good will is low. ”Too nice” and ”too comfortable” are expressions being tossed around. Seeing Dick Williams come back with the ’67 team didn’t help.

It was pathetic to hear Grady still using the summerlong labor crisis as an excuse after last night’s loss. When the topic came around to the idea of the Sox maybe waiting too long to go into high gear, Grady actually said, ”Up until last Friday, I think I know where all of our guys’ focus was.”

Wow. What an indictment. It doesn’t make the manager look good. It certainly won’t fly in the CEO suite.

Ken Macha is loosening in the on-deck circle. Poor Grady. Hard to believe he may not even last as long as Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

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