Is Alex Beam long for the Boston Globe? A while back I noted that John Ellis, himself a former Globe contributor, thought Alex Beam would not last much longer there. Beam, cheerfully clueless about the web log phenomenon (and indeed any phenomenon that requires anything more complicated than a typewriter or TV remote) seems like a throwback. And in these days of shrinking circulation and low ad revenues, why support Beam’s salary when the Globe can find younger, hungrier and more savvy writers for less. Glenn Reynolds agrees.

I personally would miss Beam’s sense of humor. But last Friday night at the Boston Film Festival opening party, I ran into until-recently-Globe-film-critic Jay Carr. Now Carr may be close to retiring age—but he doesn’t look close to 65 to me. Makes you wonder what the hell they’re doing over there on Morrissey Boulevard. Carr was a good critic. He didn’t look particularly cheerful when I saw him, and one wonders whether retirement was voluntary.

Alex, take note?

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