This just in via Moira Allen at writing-world.com. Pay Pal scam to be aware of:

PayPal hit by scam


Online payment service PayPal Inc. has been targeted by scam artists trying to get credit card data, user names and passwords. On September 16, a scam e-mail with the subject line, “PayPal Verification,” suggested that users log into their PayPal accounts to confirm they were still active users of the service and requested the users’ passwords. On September 25 another e-mail arrived in some users’ inboxes claiming it was having trouble with its computer system and provided a link for users to log into their accounts to make sure their information was not affected. Both e-mails took users to an official-looking site that asked for personal data, including user name, password and credit card information. As soon as PayPal learned of the scam, spokesperson Julie Anderson said it contacted the Internet service provider and asked it to take down the spoof sites, and notified the FBI. However, PayPal didn’t notify its 18 million users of the scam.

If you use Pay Pal, take note.

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