Michael Kelly, superb as always, on the Nobel Peace prize going to the hapless Jimmy Carter.

I imagine to an entire generation of twenty-somethings, Carter just seems like a nice guy who wants to try and “work things out.” They don’t realize his zeal for peace has more to do with keeping his profile in the limelight, ever since Ronald Reagan creamed him in the 1980 election.

Speaking of generational familiarity with recent history: Yesterday on the train into work I overheard two recent college grads talking about studying abroad. “I’d love to go to Cuba,” said one girl. “But, like, what about this Fidel guy?” (Those were the exact words.)

Yeah, what about him? I mean, like, I hate the way he dresses, you know? Didn’t he, like, take over Cuba in a coup, and, like, invite the Soviet Union to install missiles or something?

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