I once helpfully suggested to some liberal acquaintances at Electrolite that the reason Gore gets such bad press is that he’s been basically luckless. I was given a polite but firm drubbing. In light of this from the American Prowler:

If nothing else comes out of the election of 2002 it is the knowledge that Al Gore is completely obsessed with his defeat in 2000, and that he is dragging his Democratic Party into whatever dark hole his mind resides in.

Take what happened this past week in Maryland, when Gore stumped with that state’s gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Understand that Townsend is perhaps, next to California’s Bill Simon, the worst campaigner this year. By all rights, she should be down ten, no 15 points in the polls. But in a Democratically controlled state, she was lucky on Wednesday to be up by one or two points against Republican Bob Ehrlich.

Then Al hit the road with her. His campaign speeches focused almost exclusively on his loss in 2000, with barely a mention of Townsend. Gore’s speech received major play across the state. And a day later, Democratic tracking polls showed Townsend had lost three points in the polls and trailed Ehrlich going into today.

I now realize I was indeed woefully wrong about Gore. He’s not luckless. He’s a moron.

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