When I was at Harvard 20 years ago, I remember most of the faculty as being left-wing. They’d sigh and roll their eyes about Ronald Reagan, to be sure, but they were articulate and polite in discussion. They really were open-minded.

My, things have changed on college campuses since then. (Thanks to Glenn Reynolds.)

For the straight dope on this cretinous shrew (and how he got a job at what appears to be a Catholic University is beyond me) read more at Nealz Nuze here. Boortz is to be highly commended for tracking down all the info on this clown. Since Kirstein’s hysterical loathing for the military and his country has been exposed to the entire web world, he has issued a mealy-mouthed apology. But as Boortz writes, you wonder what intellectual crap this little stoat force feeds his hapless students every day. And parents get to foot this guy’s bill?

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