Here is truth indeed (from The New Republic):

The narrow lesson is that Romney’s opponent, Shannon O’Brien, was a lousy candidate. O’Brien is Massachusetts’s state treasurer, but a more accurate way to describe her is a political-machine hack who has never shown much in the way of creativity or political courage. O’Brien hails from an old Democratic political family, and you always suspected she was simply playing the family game for its own sake–and not very skillfully at that. Her campaigning grew so inept in recent weeks that O’Brien was forced to fly in top party consultants like Bob Shrum for a crash reinvention course. Then in a sign of her desperation in the final days of the race, O’Brien tried pathetically to make an issue of Romney’s allegedly sexist complaint that her attacks on him were “unbecoming.” Meanwhile, Romney skillfully cast her as a cog in the state Democratic machine. Given the inclination of Massachusetts voters to put a Republican check on that machine, O’Brien needed to prove him wrong. But she couldn’t do it–because he was right.

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