Chrsistopher Ruddy’s election analysis deserves to be quoted in detail. From newsmax.com:

In one word, the main reason the Democrats suffered defeat: Clinton.

The party seems hopelessly in the grips of the left-wing, disreputable Clintons and their minions.

Chris Matthews recently noted Bill Clinton’s influence in the Democratic Party, and said he was acting like “Boss Tweed.” We know that Bill and Hillary continue to control the DNC through their handpicked chairman, Terry McAuliffe.

And, Bill Clinton’s dominance in the party became transparent as Election Day neared. In fact, Clinton’s hand was almost everywhere: New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Florida.

He was also deciding where and how much the DNC would spend on behalf of specific candidates.

Though the Clintons engineered Carl McCall’s nomination for governor in New York, Clinton later told McCall he couldn’t have national DNC funds for his race.

In Florida, the Clintons and McAuliffe made defeating Jeb Bush their highest priority. Not only did millions flow in from Democrat coffers, but this past weekend the Democrats brought into the state their supposed “big gun,” Bill Clinton.

Up until Clinton’s visit, McBride had been gaining in the polls, had momentum on his side, and was within striking distance of defeating Jeb Bush.

Then Clinton arrived. He and Janet Reno appeared with McBride on a Miami stage to rally the vote.

Clinton gave McBride the kiss of death.


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