Today’s Boston Globe Op Ed column by the newspaper’s relatively new Ombudsman, Christine Chinlund, was a feeble attempt to explain the paper’s pro-O’Brien coverage of the Massachusetts’ governor’s battle between her and Gov-elect Mitt Romney. Chinlund admitted there has been a flood of complaints about the Globe’s one-sidedness during the last week of the campaign, but in her naive view the coverage was evenly balanced.

To take that position, Ms. Chinlund obviously had not read the various stories and play they received throughout October and early November. Articles by Globe staffer Charley Pierce attempting to portray Gov.-elect Romney in a bad light were enough to prove the lopsided thrust of the Globe’s news department towards the incoming chief executive. And the lead play her column received at the top of the Op Ed page obviously was aimed at trying to soothe the feelings of the legion of disgruntled readers.

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