The always amusing Jonah Goldberg on Al Gore’s recent lurch to the left: …in the end, all this means he’s the same Al Gore as ever, in the only way that matters. Who cares whether he says he’s for socialized medicine or for the free market, for war or for peace, for cats or for dogs—whatever. He’s not believable because he’s at best an ideological mercenary, willing to adopt any uniform that will get him where he wants to go. He isn’t the “New Al Gore”—as so many journalists have claimed—any more than Richard Nixon was the “New Nixon.” The man (or in this case the big, sweaty robot) remains unchanged. He is still the “man” From Carthage, and Carthage still must be destroyed. Delenda est Carthago bumper stickers will be available in the NRO store soon.

Still, I can’t help wondering whether deep down, Gore not only doesn’t want to run again, he doesn’t want to even make it to the election. Reportedly, his oldest daughter is still the most wounded in the family about the 2000 election. There’s no way to prove this, of course, but maybe Al is going hard left in order to get himself cleaned out of the primary process by someone else as soon as possible. That way he can show his daughter that, yes, at least he ran again—2000 wasn’t the last word, and that it wasn’t in the cards. And that way perhaps he might really be able to get on with a life outside politics.

Just my two cents worth. I’m not a Democrat, but it would be a good thing for the Gore raised in a hotel suite all during his childhood to at last be able to escape the shadow of his oppressive father.

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