Jonathan Last on the latest Bond “movie”:

A note on Halle Berry: At last year’s Academy Awards, Berry won an Oscar for Best Actress and, in her speech ranted quite hysterically about the barriers she was breaking down and the discrimination she has faced as an actress of color. Berry was awarded her Oscar for “Monster’s Ball,” but her two previous roles were in “X-Men” and “Swordfish.” Now here she is as cheesecake in a Bond movie. I can’t think of another actor whose Oscar-winning role was bracketed by such embarrassing work.

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I was just thinking how the winning of an Oscar has (at least it seems to me) often turned out to be the kiss of death for many actresses. Anyone heard from Cher since “Moonstruck”? How about the abysmal Holly Hunter since she won for the monotonous “Piano”? And what’s happened to Emma Thompson since she won the screenwriting Oscar for Sense and Sensibility?

Just a thought.

Maybe Halle’s just being smart—going for the big bucks while she can.

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