What does it tell you when Roger Clemens’ super agents actually tell the press their client is open to a return to Boston?

According to the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler today:

Since Yankees GM Brian Cashman has said he would not re-sign Roger Clemens if he obtains one of Montreal’s front-line starters, the Rocket has kept open the possibility he would return to Boston, according to his agent, Randy Hendricks. ”It’s the longest of long shots,” Hendricks said, ”but it’s possible.”

It’s not such a long shot if his agents are actually saying this. The Yanks obviously want to get Bartolo Colon from the Expos much more than they want Clemens.

This Blog has made no secret we’d love to see the Rocket finish his career back in Boston. The idiots who let him go are long gone from the Fenway organization now, and Clemens could still easily win another 15 to 20 games in the coming year.

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