The highly controversial Pete Rose issue which has been bubbling on Major League baseball’s back burner in recent weeks, hopefully was taken care of once and for all by the New York Times today in a strong editorial which touched all bases. “We’d all like to see Mr. Rose rehabilitated and forgiven (for gambling on baseball games),” the Times said.

“But he has shown no particular remorse and has never admitted to betting on games. And even of he did confess, the ban should remain. Nobody should be encouraged to think that he can trifle with a fundamental obligation and escape permanent sanction.” the editorial said.

“On the related question of Mr. Rose’s eligibility for baseball’s Hall of Fame, there is room for more flexibility,” the newspaper said, adding two “firm ” conditions: Mr. Rose make a full confession and any plaque in Cooperstown commemorating his remarkable achievements “must also take note of the darker side of his career.”

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