As the year comes to an end, one is tempted to generate a “Best of…” and “Worst of…” list for 2002 as so many other web sites and newspapers do.

I will content myself instead with providing this link to what is not only the (unintentionally) funniest piece of web “reporting” I’ve seen all year, but also damning proof that there are “Catholics” out there who make Pat Buchanan and Father Charles Coughlin seem like models of Thomist rationality and moderation:

From the Cardinals remarks about coal and oil, however, we on the Kolbe team realized that the Vatican simply does not have enough correct information in order to make an intelligent decision. This is no surprise, since the Pontifical Academy of Science, which has 88 members, only two of whom are Catholic, and all of them avowed evolutionists, is the body that provides information to the Vatican about the Creation/Evolution issue.

That’s right. According to this crowd, Pope John Paul and Cardinal Ratzinger are hopelessly confused and misinformed about scientific issues because they don’t grasp the latest “research” indicating that in fact the world was created in six days. Scroll through their web site and you will not be surprised to discover that the Earth in fact is at the center of the universe and there is no proof that it actually revolves around the sun.

Check the bios and you’ll see the staff could fill out a veritable stage-one clinical trial for pharmaceutical companies testing drugs for the alleviation of attention deficit disorder. The front man for this outfit was apparently a guest on a regular show on EWTN until he started ranting about Jews. He’s drifted from one religion to another, unhappily now insisting he is a Catholic apologist.

Hopefully, after a few more months, these bozos will “leave the church” and decide to become Scientologists once they find out that is where they truly belong.

(Did I forget to mention that these so-called Catholics are classic Jew baiters?)

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