A recent comment on a science-fiction related blog inspired me to look up some fiction by Terry Bisson, an accomplished and underrated writer from New York. I’m currently enjoying his Pick-Up Artist as well as short story collection, Bears Discover Fire.

What’s disturbing as I browsed through the list of his titles at Amazon was to notice how many of his quirky novels are already out of print. These are listed alongside the several novelizations and spinoffs of motion pictures and TV series that Bisson has also written (obviously to earn a living while he’s writing his more original material). What does it tell you that the stuff based on movies and TV shows is still available alongside the ghosts of more worthy efforts—and does the poor guy wonder how many readers potentially interested in his original work will be driven away by the sight of the derivative Star Wars and X-Files stuff?

If you’re looking for something new, along the lines of Robert P. Parker meets the Illustrated Man, check out Bisson’s Pick-Up Artist.

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