“Here is a fabulously wealthy, famously cute singer, telling the impoverished men, women and children tortured, gassed and abused by one of the most disgusting dictators of all time that any attempt to rescue or liberate them is ‘not the answer.’ And she expresses this message in sequins. She couldn’t afford diamonds?”

Andrew Sullivan on Sheryl Crow. With regret I must add Ms. Crow to the list of entertainers and celebrities for whom my enthusiasm has been dampened by recent reflexive, moronic displays of political and moral ignorance.

It’s too bad, because I like her music. Again, why is it that celebrities think they have the right to insult us with their so-called philosophies? We like their (fill in the blank—music, movies, novels, TV show), therefore we are ready and waiting for their deep thoughts about the real world? — when in fact what they do for a living has next to nothing to do with the real world.

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