At last it’s official. I’ll be going to Cambridge University in the UK in June and July: NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 25 – Ten prominent journalists from the United States, the United Kingdom, and China have been selected for the sixth annual Templeton–Cambridge Journalism Fellowships in Science & Religion.  Inaugurated in 2004, the fellowships include a… Continue reading


James Corum: One wonders how much longer the Obama Administration can get by without experienced diplomats. Despite the acclaim that America’s mainstream media has heaped on Hillary Clinton over the years, her foreign policy background and experience before becoming Secretary of State was to accompany her husband on foreign trips and preside over “first wives”… Continue reading

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Nice interview of astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter on his work in the 1990s revealing how the universe’s expansion rate is accelerating. If he were still alive, Fr. Georges Lemaitre would have been thrilled at this discovery. (Not that he would have stuck his tongue out at Einstein or Fred Hoyle or anything…)

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Humphrey Clarke is not impressed with Jason Rosenhouse’s recent review of Galileo Goes to Jail. Rosenhouse’s reaction to the book demonstrates the difficulties of refuting the set of comfortable myths that people on both side of the science-religion debate tend to subscribe to. Although you might succeed in denting them, you will commonly find that… Continue reading


I’m reading the Fodor/Piatelli-Palmarini book now, but John Wilkins is not impressed. Jerry Fodor is a smart guy in his field, but if this is his argument, it is childish. This, which is called “referential opacity” in philosophy (“You know your father. You do not know the Masked Man. Therefore the masked man is not… Continue reading