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The Rhythm of Underground Fugue

More than halfway into Margot Singer’s engrossing novel Underground Fugue, her main character Esther, a middle aged American woman who has returned to London to look after her dying mother, recalls the circumstances surrounding a one night stand she had before she was married. Just once, she’d hooked up with a stranger. Reckless, yes. She… Continue reading The Rhythm of Underground Fugue

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Monsieur le Duc, Meet Mr. Bond…

I should not have been surprised to learn that Ian Fleming’s Bond series of novels was inspired by Dennis Wheatley’s earlier success with the Duke de Richlieu and his intrepid team of adventurers. The Forbidden Territory came out in 1933, featuring the Duke and Simon Aaron on a perilous journey into Soviet Russia to rescue… Continue reading Monsieur le Duc, Meet Mr. Bond…

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The Dandelion Rides Out

This summer I’ve been going back to classic paperbacks I read when I was a teenager. It’s been fascinating to re-read Alistair MacLean, Dennis Wheatley, and most recently Ray Bradbury. For fun I posted snaps of the books from the beach cottage where we vacation. The Dandelion Wine cover brought a groan of recognition from… Continue reading The Dandelion Rides Out

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My First Novel Now on Kindle (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry)

The Kindle version of my novel Doctor Janeway’s Plague, is now live at Amazon. (It’s a cross between C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength…and Resident Evil.) I’m pricing it low ($1.50) to attract more readers. I’ve been reading about more and more new writers (and some established ones) taking this route as frustration with the current… Continue reading My First Novel Now on Kindle (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry)