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Rebecca Bratten Weiss and The Gods We Have Eaten

It’s hard not to envy the experience and the deep reading of philosophy and literature which writer-farmer Rebecca Bratten Weiss brings to bear in the marvelous poems she’s been composing for almost a decade. A former adjunct professor of literature, Rebecca is the digital editor of U.S. Catholic (for whom I’ve written). Her articles and… Continue reading Rebecca Bratten Weiss and The Gods We Have Eaten

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Publishers are growing less tolerant with authors who can’t meet their deadlines: But as book sales fall and publishing houses look for ways to cut costs, many literary agents are growing increasingly worried that publishers looking to trim their lists will start holding authors to deadlines and using lateness as an occasion to renegotiate advances… Continue reading

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Updike, Science Fiction and “the Modernist position”In the back-page editorial for the latest (March) issue of the New York Review of Science Fiction, David G. Hartwell passes along some grim forecasts for the field in publishing (which I’ll discuss in a separate post). After which he writes: I had hoped to devote this editorial entirely… Continue reading