Argentina · Video

It already seems like months since I was down in Argentina. But here’s a little composite of some video I shot during a hike up the “Ventana” with two colleagues on our day off. The Sierra de la Ventana is about 500 kilometers south of Buenos Aires, and at the time we were there (mid… Continue reading


Dan Rayburn says things will get worse before they get better for CDNs. With Limelight reporting earnings last night, it’s now clear that the major players in the CDN space, the vendors that control the vast majority of the market share for video delivery, are all experiencing no growth. Akamai’s M&E business was down and… Continue reading

Video · Web

Are Web-connected TVs going to cause problems for broadcasters? The first TVs fitted with Yahoo-Intel’s widget engine have begun to ship in Europe amid speculation about their potentially disruptive impact on the TV landscape. On the one hand web-enabled TVs retailing over £1000 (US $1600) are unlikely to attract a mass market, outside early adopters,… Continue reading

Boston · HD · Video

Test Driving HDHere’s a brief view of “A” Street in Southie, using my new Flip HD camera. 1280 x 720 in H.264. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself…