Clinging to St. Augustine

An excellent article by Prof. Kenneth Kemp (who was at the recent conference on evolution sponsored by Society of Catholic Scientists), critically reviews a recent intelligent design book by a misguided Dominican priest. But interestingly, Kemp highlights the self-inflicted problem genomics poses to Catholic theology when it comes to original sin, as it is understood… Continue reading Clinging to St. Augustine

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Paul Knoepfler: Stem Cell Researcher–and Advocate

Paul Knoepfler, who runs his own research lab atUniversity of California, Davis, will receive specialrecognition by the Genetics Policy Institute for his advocacy of stem cell research via the blog that he’s beenhosting since 2009. Readers of my Forbes blog may recognize Knoepfler’s name, as I’ve often reported his views on stem cell papers and aspects of current… Continue reading Paul Knoepfler: Stem Cell Researcher–and Advocate

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Fisking ENCODE

A recent slew of ENCODE Consortium publications, specifically the article signed by all Consortium members, put forward the idea that more than 80% of the human genome is functional. This claim flies in the face of current estimates according to which the fraction of the genome that is evolutionarily conserved through purifying selection is under… Continue reading Fisking ENCODE