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Catch Up for Thanksgiving, 2015.

Some recent posts: My review of the film, Spotlight, about the Boston Globe’s investigation of the clerical abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. My Forbes post on Canadian researcher Timothy Kieffer and his lab’s breakthrough on a stem cell therapy for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. And my plug for the History Channel’s Einstein… Continue reading Catch Up for Thanksgiving, 2015.

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Cloning for Stem Cells Advances

Generating robust stem cells via SCNT, also called therapeutic cloning, was not considered a practical option before the breakthroughs by Mitalipov, Egli et al. The approach was further tainted by the scandal surrounding Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk’s claims of success in cloning cell lines in 2005. A majority of scientists and the public also believe… Continue reading Cloning for Stem Cells Advances

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Fetal Stem Cells To Treat ALS

Neuralstem’s treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), now into Phase 2 clinical trials, is getting more enthusiastic attention. Ted Harada, diagnosed with the disease in 2010, has been a walking advertisement for their treatment after two surgeries that he underwent as part of the Phase 1 clinical trials at Emory University. The surgeries restored his balance and ability to walk.… Continue reading Fetal Stem Cells To Treat ALS

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Paul Knoepfler: Stem Cell Researcher–and Advocate

Paul Knoepfler, who runs his own research lab at University of California, Davis, will receive specialrecognition by the Genetics Policy Institute for his advocacy of stem cell research via the blog that he’s beenhosting since 2009. Readers of my Forbes blog may recognize Knoepfler’s name, as I’ve often reported his views on stem cell papers and aspects of… Continue reading Paul Knoepfler: Stem Cell Researcher–and Advocate