Ever get stuck in the bookstore info counter behind someone like this? Customer: I need to get that book about cookies. It’s something about cookies. Clerk: Cookies. Okay. (types into the computer) umm… there are quite a few books about cookies here. Customer: Well it was on TV the other day. My wife saw it… Continue reading

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Book Notes: The Last SuperstitionI read Edward Feser’s excellent book a few months back, and rather than write a comprehensive book review in one post (which, given my schedule, would never happen before Ed was officially retired) I’d like instead to pick out one section of the book that struck me (and bearing in mind… Continue reading

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Book NotesOut last month, and I happened to stumble on it at Borders: Herbert McCabe’s On Aquinas. McCabe died in 2001, and by all accounts was one of the most interesting modern interpreters of the man from Aquino. He was a Dominican, teaching at Fordham, and never published any books. His lectures survived, though, and… Continue reading