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Medieval Women: Their Sex Lives and Medieval Sex in General

Rosalie Gilbert’s new book from Mango Press, The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, is informative for readers new to the more private side of the Middle Ages.  Given how terrible conditions were for most women (and men) at the time, compared to the present day, it would have been easy for the author… Continue reading Medieval Women: Their Sex Lives and Medieval Sex in General

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A Fine Pavement on Amazon Prime.

Very pleased to announce that my film, A Fine Pavement, is now live at Amazon Prime. Also available to rent or purchase. Currently the film is available in the U.S. and U.K., but I hope to widen distrubution to Amazon’s platforms in Europe and Japan before the summer. Link to the fim is here. Pictured… Continue reading A Fine Pavement on Amazon Prime.

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The ISSR Book Prizes for 2020

I’m late to reporting this, but my Templeton-Cambridge colleague and leading scholar in the field of science and religion, Fraser Watts, writes that the International Society for Science and Religion announced the winners for its 2020 Book Prize in September. Books on the interface between science and religion remain very popular. However, recent years have seen… Continue reading The ISSR Book Prizes for 2020

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The Normalization of Self-Publishing

    An editor friend and colleague recently noted the news of yet another round of layoffs coming in the top five New York publishers.     Where exactly is mainstream publishing headed? One super-sized publisher, devoted only to sure-fire blockbusters and the complete disappearance of the already withered ‘midlist’?     In light of this, I want… Continue reading The Normalization of Self-Publishing