‘Raping Steven Spielberg.’ No, it hasn’t actually happened. But that’s the title of a new, rather wild, independent movie that’s been making some buzz on the independent circuit. Here’s a brief review by Eric Campos from Hollywood Film Threat. See below. Makes me wonder whether any enterprising east coast producers could make a name for themselves by producing ‘Drowning Ted Kennedy.’

“You know you have gold in your hands when you get a film by a cast and crew who refuse to be identified. This is also one of those rare films that could get by alone on its premise—a homosexual rape fantasy featuring Steven Spielberg and the films that have made him such a household name.

No doubt, this film is based on the true-life story of that weirdo who showed up not long ago at Spielberg’s home… And although the idea itself, as disturbing or side-splittingly funny as it may be to folks, has the ability to carry this 35 minute film, the unnamed filmmakers have a twisted sense of humor that keeps the laughs at maximum level. This is what true indie film is about—sticking it to the man and having some great laughs along the way.”