Today’s site is for indie DV filmmakers. I know digital movie-makers don’t make films in the technical sense, not when they’re actually shooting, but sites like DVFilm.com show you why it really doesn’t matter any more. Texas filmmaker Marcus van Bavel offers a great book dealing with all aspects of DV filmmaking as well as the issues of going from DV to film for theatrical release. An engineer by training and profession, he also offers some great applications for much less than the standard $600 or more for the current crop of high-end DV products like Premiere, After Effects, Cleaner and Final Cut Pro. Particularly useful is DV Film Maker, a $95 application that de-interlaces DV video in prep for film transfer. A free demo version is available, and it’s fully functional (the hitch being it emblazons a DV Film logo on your finished version). If you’re new to DV movie-making and want to learn more, van Bavel’s site is highly recommended.