Well, it’s the All-Star break, and there are worries for the Red Sox. On paper, if they keep playing at the first half’s rate, they’re going to win over 100 games this year. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen distressing evidence that, even if they make it to the World Series, Atlanta, Arizona, and the Dodgers would defeat them.

I know games during the season aren’t the same as the playoffs. After all, Boston had a winning season against the Yankees in 1999, and managed to lose the AL championshop series in just 5 games. In contrast, the Yankees basically rolled over dead into the playoffs in 2000, but once the Games began, they rose to their form. They know how to play in the post season.

The great news about the Red Sox is that they are now owned by people who want to win, and who want to build a team that will be there in the playoffs as regularly as the Yanks and the Braves. Heck, to see these guys steal bases on a regular basis, is just one heartening sign. Much as a I liked Jimmy Williams, he was an idiot about base-running, and it showed.

It’s weird, though, to think the Sox could finish for the Wild Card with over 100 wins, waste the Twins in the first round, and even beat the aging Yankees pitching staff, only to fall apart against the Diamond Backs.

Let’s see what the second half brings. Tony Clark is hitting. Sanchez will be back and finally Hermanson will take his place in the starting rotation. Oh, yes, and Manny will regain his form. But pause to enjoy the fact that the Sox may be at least this good for the next several years. Not bad….