Turn to Phyics Today for two superb articles by physicists Adrian Melott and Mano Singham for the intellectual dishonesty behind the “Intelligent Design” movement. Intelligent Design is a rhetorical ploy, started over a decade ago by some disgruntled conservatives, who don’t like the fact that science goes about its business based purely on naturalistic assumptions and that many scientists who work in the field of evolutionary biology see no contradiction between Darwin’s theory and their religious faith. One of the most prominent books to come out of the ID movement is Catholic biochemist Michael Behe’s embarrassing book Darwin’s Black Box. Among other processes discussed in the book, Behe claimed that the formation of blood clots was “irreducibly complex” and could only be explained by invoking a designer. Within a year of his book’s publication, a scientific team demonstrated exactly how the clotting process could have evolved based on natural selection. This is the kind of silliness that the ID movement brings upon itself. Although Behe made great claims for his theory of irreducible complexity in his pop-science book for the general public, the fact that he never published any papers on the subject in peer-reviewed journals speaks volumes about just how much credence he knows his colleagues would give the idea. The ID movement is well-funded and aims to influence state school boards to eliminate the teaching of evolution from school curricula. As the above articles show, more and more scientists, who didn’t pay much attention to the ID movement, are putting their two cents in….