Jay Fitzgerald blogs a great new addition to the dictionary:

“Introducing a new word (and not just a nickname) into the local vocabulary: ‘big-dig’ (v. — to swindle money from feds, to shamelessly loot, to hoodwink non-Massachusetts residents into paying for local boondoggles — big-digging, big-diggedWe sure big-digged them again — / … Big Dig/big-dig (n.). 1. Name of large tunnel construction project in Boston in late 20th Century, early 21st Century, locally known as the ‘Big Dig’ project. 2. Noun used to signify big projects in Boston paid for by the federal government. — Oh, don’t worry. It’s another big-dig. We’re not paying a dime. / … big-dig (adj.-adv.) — to describe the questionable use of fed money for local projects — Quick, finish the job. They’re on to our big-dig scam…. )”