Fewer Doctors Providing Abortion: “So why are doctors forgoing this safe, legal, profitable venture? Because the same technology that has made abortion safer, easier, and quicker, has also dramatically changed the relationship between the physician and the fetus.”

Read more of this fascinating article here. It seems the march of technology puts a more and more human face on the fetus at earlier and earlier stages of pregnancy, and doctors cannot help treating the ‘products of conception’ more like patients and less like a pair of tonsels.

This news will not be welcomed by the fanatics on the “pro choice” side of abortion. (I know, there are fanatics on the other side, too. And they kill.) Read the article. Much as NARAL would like you to believe that right-wing gun freaks are all over the country, discouraging doctors from performing abortions, the truth, as always, is a little more complex.