If you want to know what’s really rotten at the heart of the Buchananite faction in this country, this excellent piece by Clifford D. May on NRO pretty much sums it up:

“The late Balint Vazsonyi, a Hungarian immigrant who established himself as a great champion of America’s founding principles (and a long-time friend and mentor to me) might have suggested this answer: Somewhere along the line, people like Mr. Press—and Messrs Buchanan and Novak, as well—discarded the Anglo-American principle of the rule of law in favor of the Franco-German concept of ‘social justice.'”

Thus, blowing up little old Jewish ladies and their children in Israel is perfectly justified from the Buchananite point of view. Why? Because the Palestinians have been oppressed (not by their fascist leader Yasser Arafat, of course) and have a just cause.