Today’s New York Times Arts Section article Dilemma’s Definition:The Left And Iraq should be MUST reading in all political sciences classes around the country for exposing the way the liberal left—and this includes the Times itself—operates in this country.

It is, to be frank and this certainly wasn’t intended, an indictment of all the liberal media encompassing newspapers like the Boston Globe as well as major television networks for being so consumed by their dislike of President Bush, they still cannot bring themselves to giving him any credit for his courage and swift and decsive action against Saddam Hussein & Co.

Also a MUST for polysci candidates is today’s lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal which says it all as it jabs the Times “and its acolytes at CNN and the major networks, and of course most academic experts. They cannot bring themselves to celebrate the downfall of a tyrant before predicting the awful challenges to come.”