Yesterday’s Boston Sunday Globe Magazine whose full-page cover featured a gross illustration of President Bush’s head was totally unlike and not befitting the handsome likeness he has. It will be interesting to follow the Globe’s Sunday Magazine in the months ahead and see what the publisher and the Sunday editor decide to do about smiling Saddam Hussein in one of their upcoming Sunday spreads.

The more we learn about him and his horrendous death squads, the better Bush looks and is for sending the U.S. Marines and the rest of our great military into and over Iraq.

Any media observer with a minimum of half a brain, of course, knows what the Globe is and will be up to during the next 18 months as the gap to the 2004 Presidential race closes. Election of a Democrat—any Democrat, Al Sharpton included—is the goal of the far left wing of the Democratic Party. And the Globe with its big Sunday circulation as well as its owners, the New York Times, with their huge circulation, will be there with the left and all other liberal Democrats trying to torpedo the re-election of George Bush.

That’s sbout as sure a certainty as identifying Funny Cide as the winner of the 2003 Kentucky Derby Saturday.