Merciless. Christopher Hitchens on Sidney Blumenthal’s new book glorifying the Clinton years:

“I therefore regard it as quite impossible that he didn’t know what many Clinton biographers have established: Clinton would have run for the nomination as early as 1988 if not for his fear of ‘bimbo eruptions’ (please notice again that the women in his life are here degraded by definition, whereas the man is a passive victim). And if by any chance Blumenthal didn’t know it then, he definitely knows it now, and has for years. In any event, I have to strain to believe the following statement:

Had Clinton had an affair with an intern? I just didn’t know. I had no reason to doubt Hillary’s sincerity in her version of events, and whatever my doubts, I wanted to believe her—to believe along with her.

“This goes well past credulity and into the realm of the servile.”