The on-going controversy in Boston’s print media over UMass President William M. Bulger’s fitness to continiue to head Massachusetts’ sprawling higher education system won’t abate until Bulger himself and the UMass board of directors recognize the damage that has been done—fairly or unfairly—to the UMass image.

Leading the charge against the former president of the Massachusetts State Senate has been the Boston Herald and its astute political columnist Peter Gelzinis who lives in “Southie” and knows more about the area which Bulger formerly represented than any other reporter in New England.

Gelzinis’ perceptive columns reflect this regularly (unfortunately no longer available online as the Herald now requires a subscription).

Today’s piece which spells out the details of Bulger’s “get-even” mentality against his predecessor in the Senate, is typical of the newsy and informative material Gelzinis’ gives Herald readers. It’s must reading!