Although the Boston Globe’s on-going campaign to discredit President Bush on a daily basis may delude and satisfy the papers’ owners in New York as well as the liberal establishment in Greater Boston academia, the anti-Bush vapors coming out of Morrissey Boulevard are befitting the old M. Doyle dump site on which the Globe sits.

The best illustration so far this week of the newspapers’s apparent Get-Bush policy was Robert Kuttner’s Op Ed piece yesterday: “The Press Gives Bush A Free Ride On His Lies” which was laughable per se. The column by Kuttner, a regular columnist on the Op Ed pages, consumed 40 per cent of the page.

Opposite it on the Editorial page, there was the usual Wasserman cartoon jabbing Bush as well as the lead editorial and a couple of long letters critical of the President. Wasserman’s ridicule of the Bush was followed up today with another effort, accompanied by the lead editorial on Bush’s alleged delusions about North Korea.

One could go on and on with example after example from the Globe’s “news” pages of the campaign to destroy Bush and how obvious and real it is. In a period of increasing media competition for the public’s attention, the last thing the Globe needs is an erosion of confidence in its daily offerings.