amNew York, the new, free commuter tabloid that is slated to begin publishing in NYC in January, is certain to cut substantially into the circulations of the New York Daily News and the New York Post—Gotham’s reigning tabloids.

According to Boston Globe media watchguard Mark Jurkowitz, the Empire State venture is being launched by Russel Pergament, former publisher of Boston Metro—the free tab daily now available at most T stations and other well traveled points. The newsy tab has been a thorn in the plans of the voluminous Globe and the Boston Herald to maintain their subway circulations while expending huge moneys to boost their home delivery sales.

Freebie tabloids are also available in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington as well as major cities in Europe.They are no picnic for established dailies which are saddled with very high union wages at every level of their costly production and distribution. And the high cost of newsprint compounds their difficulties.

(posted by David Farrell)