I like Rush Limbaugh on the whole, but Robert George at NRO is right when he chides the radio talk-show master for his unfortunate comments on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” over the weekend:

“I’m not feeling sorry for Rush today (the drug story aside, which seems like a cheap shot). He did what we hate in liberals: Gratuitously introducing race in a discussion where it doesn’t belong. McNabb may be overrated or he may not be. Some columnists have compared his first few years’ stats favorably with John Elway. Others suggest that he makes poor decisions and doesn’t have great arm strength. That is not the question here. The issue is whether there is some media reticence to call him overrated because he is black. Limbaugh introduced this element with no supporting evidence (the NFL’s idiotic minority-hiring policy is a separate issue).”

Indeed. It was a dumb move, and now Rush has had to give up a good perch on television. This will hurt him.