There were a couple of great columns in the Herald and Globe this week worthy of comment.

Yesterday Gerry Callahan, the Herald’s top notch sports columnist, had a terrific piece on the New England Patriots, their sensational quarterback, Tom Brady, and ABC-TV sportscaster John Madden who made a fool of himself 21 months ago in his late game advice to the gutsy Brady and the Patriots to settle for a tie and send the Super Bowl into overtime.

On the Op Ed Page of this morning’s Globe, Jeff Jacoby again demonstrated why he is far and away the best political columnist in New England with his incisive column on Iraq entitled : What ‘botched’ occupation?

“Like the occupation of Germany in January 1946, America’s work in Iraq is only getting underway…..What Americans need now are leaders who can focus on the great work before them, not sideline snipers carping prematurely that the occupation has been ‘botched’, ” Jacoby concluded.