(note to Harvey Weinstein: my agent is Susan Schulman, and all rights for this script are available.)

A while back…meaning about 13 years ago…I started writing a romantic road comedy about some thirty-somethings heading up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a Memorial Day wedding and all the misadventures that befall them on the way. One of the subplots involved a couple of black-belt brothers, one of whom falls like a ton for a cute Jewish girl on her way to visit an obscure rabbi who has an out-of-print book she wants (I know, I know, I’m way past the 25-words-or-less pitch limit for Hollywood, but bear with me).

Anyway, the black belt hero flattens a couple of thugs when he catches them vandalizing a synagogue—and at the time I thought this scenario a little hoky, as well as far fetched in these civilized days. I mean, vandalizing synagogues in New Hampshire?

Well, comes now this report, showing that, in my own hack way, I was…er, prescient? Not that I’m happy about it. But I guess I don’t need to rewrite this script as much as I always thought I did.

Go figure.