I love my i-Pod (okay, who doesn’t) but, I can’t help the uneasy feeling they could in the long run be contributing to A.D.D.

I’ve got two daughters: ages 4 and 2, and they’ve already essentially co-opted my i-Pod. We go in the car anywhere, “Daddy, mussssiiiccc!”

So, I’ve got about 51 favorites in my Chillin’ with John playlist, in shuffle mode, because I like the order to be different every time I plug in. Here’s the breakdown so far for the girls:

Two-year-old’s favorites:
Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill
Tom Petty: Learning to Fly
Billy Joel: Allentown
Christopher Cross: Ride like the Wind

(anything by Sinead Lohan, Sheryl Crow, Sinead O’Connor and, oh yeah, Constant Craving by k.d. lang)

That means anything else that comes on, meaning that Daddy likes, gets this chorus from the back seat:

“NEXT!!”—and I have to hit the Next button.

…Sarah McLaughlin comes on—

…Fleetwood Mac—

…Goo-goo Dolls—


…and so on…y’get the general idea.