Jack Krebs makes a good point about what–for me and other Christians–is so depressing about the Discovery Institute’s approach to “teaching the controversy.”

They want the façade of credibility for ID by setting it against evolution – against some well-know[n] biology professor like Krishtalka, but they don’t want (and I find this ironic) to actually discuss the issue of Christianity and evolution in front of a group of Christians. What are they afraid of here?


This seems to me a deliberate strategy amongst otherwise well-respected conservative journalists as well. Instead of discussing the science of evolution, they are only interested in insisting it is a threat to theism, that there is an absolute choice between Darwin’s theory—or what they take to be the necessary materialistic nihilism behind the theory—and Christianity or Judaism.

This has made otherwise respectable and thoughtful conservative intellectuals like Irving Kristol, David Klinghoffer, David Warren, Tom Bethell, and lesser lights (Pat Buchanan, Phyllis Schlafly) look like willfully ignorant (if not intellectually dishonest) fools when it comes to science.

For educated conservatives, this is truly depressing.