From Publisher’s Lunch:

Frey Acknowledges Mistakes on Today’s Oprah; Readers Sue
“Now like many of you, I have a million little questions,” Oprah Winfrey says of James Frey at the top of today’s show–an evolution of the viewpoint she expressed in a phone call to the Larry King Show. An ABC news report says that on the broadcast, Frey admits, “I think I made a lot of mistakes in writing the book and promoting book.”

Winfrey asks, “Do you think you lied or do you think you made a mistake?”

“I think probably both,” he said.

Appearing on the show with Frey are publisher Nan Talese and some journalists.

Separately, two Seattle residents filed suit in federal court against Frey and Random House, charging “breach of contract, unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, intentional misrepresentation and violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act,” according to the Seattle Times. The plaintiffs, whose main request is to be compensated for the “lost time” in reading the book, are seeking class action for the suit. The newspapers says the suit is “apparently the third of its kind to be filed across the nation, seeks class-action status against Frey and the publisher.”
Seattle Times

What’s next? A book about the book? Sheesh.