Hey…how many major New York publishing house editors do you know who moonlight as guitar players and vocalists for hot new rock bands?

If you’re looking for something new (and especially nice for listening to at work while you apply templates to reams and reams of html pages, or update erooms for your projects) check out Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s group Whisperado. Their first CD, Some Other Place is available for sale, at CD Baby and Amazon, and also at the Nielsen Hayden’s web site (with free shipping).

All the songs are good. If you like to hear each instrument and voice, and not just a miasma of sound, then every one of these songs is worth listening to. The title song as well as Black and Blue are standouts, but none of them are “filler”.

Check them out.

Whisperado’s songs will soon be available via iTunes (two to six weeks from now).